Saturday, August 17, 2013


Hey! It's Saturday!
So as the story continues, how do we find our heroes face-to-face?!

Wasn't Brendan in a bar? Wasn't Becky the one who was passed out? Wasn't there a bar tender being snooty? 
My attempt at story telling!

You're clearly sitting in a chair/couch while reading this but I assure you; YOU'LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE!


Do bear with me as I unfold some comic-world life changing events.
Well, maybe not life changing. Maybe character developing? That sounds more accurate.

Either way, a lot of this is all based on my recent anxiety problems I've been having. I figure a good way to deal with it is use the comic.

Hope it doesn't get too personal/preachy for you guys, but I'm under the impression the more personal I make this comic, the better my chances are of reaching an audience.

Risk nothing gain nothing.