So I should probably explain all this...

So what is this blog exactly?

Well it's part "Cap and Gown"
A web comic written and illustrated by myself.
The other part would be, like most blogs, a place to rant and moan about anything and everything.

But what is this "Cap and Gown" you speak of?
Well, It started out as a means to make me pursue art. That's...well that's basically it.

I'm not pro by any means, and that explains the obvious changes in the way I draw the comic; constantly searching for something I can call my own.

Granted, that sort of talent develops over time. Or skill. Whichever.

Anywho, I try to practice both cartooning-by means of the comic, as well as life drawing (from photographs. I can't afford to go back to school to study live models).

That about sums it all up.

I've been doodling this comic for a year and I think it's about time really pushed myself to hone my own style and become proficient with photoshop.

By all means, comment, share, critique, favorite, and stay tuned.

Comic updates are on Sundays, with more to come as I get better and more organized.

Thanks all!